Anwar Bolat

UI/UX Designer focused on human-centred design

Currently, Anwar works at Sage as a Senior UX designer. He helps companies to create products and systems based on evidence to achieve the best possible outcome.

Anwar started his career as a web designer and developer in 2011, and after that, he decided to step back from hands-on coding work and help businesses make their products more user-friendly.

He built his first website while in high-school with his friends, since then he is interested in web development. He strives to gain better understanding of human behaviour and ethical issues. On his spare time, enjoys reading publications about Human-Computer Interaction, Product Development, UX Design and User Research.

Anwar believes that sharing knowledge amongst peers is good. He also believes that good design happens when different domain experts come together to collaborate on solving a business and user problem. Some of his work has received international awards.


Sage Senior UX Designer

Kaplan Lead UX Designer

The Hut Group UI/UX Designer

AO UI/UX Designer

Growfox Designer & Web Developer

User First Club Co-Founder

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Awards & Qualifications

NN/g Certified:
User Research, Interaction Design and UX Leadership
UXQB Certified:
Professional for Usability and User Experience
HackManchester 2018:
Avecto category winner
The AO Hack 2018:
2nd runner-up
SDA Best Website 2017:
B2B category
mLab ECA 2013:
Regional Contest winner
Chelpipe Design Contest 2012:
People's Choice
Anwar is a regular speaker at design meet-ups.